Anonymous surveys for Academia / Education

"Learning is both ways; from teachers to students and from students to teachers"

Education is all about learning; learning from both sides. It is said that a teacher learns as much from teaching and listening as does a student. In an era where students play a key role in the progression of society, it is very essential to know what goes on in their minds. This is where BlockSurvey plays a pivotal role – we act as the medium to help institutions understand the aspirations, opinions and thought process of students through anonymous surveys.

Academia/Education and BlockSurvey – a valuable partnership

The best of institutions, have a balanced approach towards education and benefit from understanding the real needs of students and BlockSurvey is your trusted partner creating that much required value.

Over the months, since the time of conceptualizing BlockSurvey, we have realized that there is an imminent need for exchange of information between various stakeholders in the academia. From the need to understand and know the various needs and or issues of students to grasping the expectations of parents and to realizing what areas of support are the professors looking at – BlockSurvey has been playing a pivotal role in the academic circles.

How BlockSurvey helps?

Whether it is College based surveys or polls, BlockSurvey ensures anonymity and privacy. The underlying theme – anonymous surveys help provide the most authentic and insightful feedback which can be used to improvise various aspects of a campus.

The following use cases help better understand how BlockSurvey helps in exchange of information and bettering of things in Campus -

Use Case #1 - Student Opinion Survey

‘’The Hostel mess, well, is a mess! ‘’

‘’The college canteen, sells third-rate stuff and hygiene is unheard of when you visit the restrooms’’

‘’But the physics lecturer is awesome – very detailed and easy to understand method of lecturing’’

These and more insights can be gathered provided there is a platform that facilitates students to give authentic feedback without the fear of being taken to task. This is what BlockSurvey does – our futuristic surveys are by design well-structured to elicit the right feedback while providing the cover of privacy and ensuring data safety.

The Result – College management is made aware of where it can improve and thereby enhance the living standards of students. Often times, the college management is insulated from what happens at the ground level or in some cases, it believes that everything is going well – it is under these conditions that the ‘Student Opinion Surveys’ from BlockSurvey play a pivotal role.

Use Case #2 – Parent-Teacher Meet-Ups

The Parent- Teacher meeting or interactions are well-known within our education system. Sometimes these meetings go the right way and sometimes, they end up creating differences – all leading a further inconvenient life at school for the student involved.

Privacy protected and anonymous surveys by BlockSurvey helps bring out the most authentic and genuine of feedback on the Parent-Teacher meeting helping the school or college administration to find areas of improvement and work on them. From the parents’ perspective – these surveys help them open up about their concerns and issues and perhaps, assures them of the intent of administration to work towards betterment.

Use Case #3 – Whistle-blower Incidents

Ragging is a pain and can be a very seriously disturbing affair and so is sexual harassment or even the case of on-going harassment from a teacher.

When serious things go unnoticed, they can cause very serious trouble and make things even worse. Unfortunately, the concept of a ‘Whistle-blower’ is not so evident everywhere but BlockSurvey can help students play the role of Whistle-blowers – giving them an opportunity to raise voice against what’s not going right.

Our private and anonymous surveys helps students voice out things and make college administration be aware of what’s not going right. These ‘Whistle-blower’ surveys have a great impact on the life of students in the campus – it also allows college management to set things right and put in place measures and guidelines for a better life.

Benefits to learning institutions and students using surveys.


  • Access to authentic feedback
  • Understand and analyse improvisation areas
  • Scope for enhancing college life
  • Better student-academia relations
  • Understand students’ thought process


  • Opportunity to express freely
  • NIL post-survey repercussions
  • Scope for improved college life
  • Ensured Privacy and security
  • Better student-academia relations

In order to run a happy learning location, it is important to collect anonymous feedback in a whole journey, step by step. Through this process we are able to develop the best student experience, teacher / faculty experience and ultimately a complete academic / learning experience.

To finish, we'd like to share a poem by an anonymous Reddit author.

Rhyming Poem on BlockSurvey by anonymous Reddit user