About Us

Our rendezvous with Blockchain gave rise to an inclination towards starting something that has Blockchain as the foundation technology. It was during the hackathon conducted by BlockStack.org (July, 2019) that the idea of BlockSurvey came into existence. Our interaction with various stakeholders and industry experts inspired us to come up with something that ‘’should not be evil’’ and something that is ‘’safer and more anonymous’’ We live in a digital world – it is no longer separate from us. Whether we like it or not, this digital world is very vulnerable. Information can be stolen, lives can be pried upon and privacy, in its truest sense, may no longer exist. We believe that existing survey tools, though good, may not meet with criterion that will ensure absolute privacy and safety. It is this alarming thought and possibility that has led us to come up with a solution in the form of BlockSurvey.

What BlockSurvey stands for?

At BlockSurvey, it is customer first and customer best. Our intent is to ensure our customers get the best of solutions and at the same time are ensured absolute privacy and protection of data. We are firm believers in using technology to uplift customers and have digital ownership. BlockSurvey, at its core, stands for transparency, customer-privacy and honesty. We are your trustworthy solutions provider, and we take pride in that.